TC burr set

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1512 Z3 PLUS
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Set 1512 with 3 PLUS toothing contains five tungsten carbide burrs in the most common shapes for workshop applications. The shatterproof plastic box protects the tools from soiling and damage. By clamping the shank of the burrs, the selection and removal of the tools is made easier. Five further empty plug-in points can be variably used for own storage.


Toothing 3 PLUS
Stift-ø 6 mm
Drive_info_01 Flexible shaft machine
Drive_info_02 Straight grinders mm
Drive_info_03 Stationary machine
Drive_info_04 Deployment on robots
Drive_info_05 Machine tool
Material_info_01 aluminium alloys hard
Material_info_02 refractory materials
Material_info_03 cobalt base alloys
Material_info_04 nickel-based veneers (e.g. Inconell und Hasteloy)
Material_info_05 stainless steel (INOX)
Materials_info_06 cast iron
Material_info_07 Grey/lamellar/nodular cast iron (GG/GJL, GGG/GJS)
Scope_info_01 Milling
Scope_info_02 levelling
Scope_info_03 deburring
Scope_info_04 Obtaining recesses
Scope_info_05 processing of surfaces
Scope_info_06 Milling
Scope_info_07 Welding seam processing