Micro dosing system for band saws

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STN 15
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K8 - Onderdelen
Low level (with level switch)
Fill opening with oil filter
Transfer hose 3mt
Up to 5 pumps output function
1 application for each output. Nozzle is required.

Circular sawing machines
Thread cutting machines
Milling machines
Scrubbing machines
Band sawing machines
Drilling machines

Planting essential cutting oils
Industrial oils
Solvent-based essential oils
Chain lining- and gear oils

Fix the micro dosing system in an easily accessible but protective place on the machine. Make sure that the length of the supplied supply hose can achieve its purpose. Attach the manifold so that it can move with the movements of the machine (if applicable) and does not get in the way when using the machine. Pass the supply hose to the micro dosing system over or through the machine. Make sure that the supply hose is not trapped or damaged by: movement of the machine, during operations with the machine, by the environment of the machine or general use of the machine.

Electrical connection of the micro dosing system:
Close the power supply (24V ac/dc) of the micro dosing system to the machine its available 24V AC voltage (ac) or DC voltage (dc). If this is not available, the machine must be equipped with any control functions (control relay, on/off switch). Most simple is to use the main motor relay of the machine. A contact or the control of the relay can be used for this purpose. Some knowledge of electricity is desirable. If in doubt, contact the supplier.

Connecting compressed air to the micro dosing system:
Connect the micro dosing system to an available compressed air connection with a working pressure of 4 to 6 Bar. The air inlet is a 6mm plug connector which is located at the back of the dosing valve of the micro dosing system. Due to the diversity of types of air connections, no further hose or couplings are provided.

Initial operation and adjustment:
Before commissioning the micro dosing system, make sure that the fluid reservoir is filled with a minimum of desirable lubricant. A float switch prevents the operation of the system if the level is too low.

Check now whether the micro dosing system comes into operation when starting up the machine. Check also to be sure that the installation of the system does not interfere with the operation of the machine. If all goes well, the red power indicator LED will light up. Also, the green LED's ON/OFF will light up alternately to indicate that the dosing valve control is working.

With the button "lubrication range" the intermediate pause time of the lubrication pulse can be set. On 1 short pause between the pulses and on 10 long pauses. With the button "Lubrication time" the length of the pulse or amount of lubrication can be set. Set to 1 minimum lubrication per pulse and 10 maximum lubrication per pulse.

Initial operation may require the dosing valve to be vented before this lubricant can pass through. Carefully unscrew the drain plug and allow some lubricant to drain out. Then close it again. The plunger for adjusting the amount of lubricant per shot/pulse can be made smaller, if necessary, by shortening this stroke. Do this with the thumbscrew to the left of the picture. The amount of air can be adjusted by adjusting the airflow. When this screw (with locking) is unscrewed, the airflow increases. This atomizes the lubricant better. Be careful not to open it too far or the atomization will be so large that it will fog. Ensure a good balance in terms of air and quantity of lubricant for the application of machine and product.

At the back of the dosing valve, the air supply of the plunger can also be adjusted. When everything is set according to your wishes, you only need to work with the buttons lubrication range and lubrication time.


Working voltage 24 V AC/DC
Working pressure 4 - 6 Bar
Amount of oil Min 0,0012 ml
Oil quantity Max 0,028 ml
Lubrication range 0,1 - 10 sec
Lubrication time 0,1 - 10 sec
Reservoir 1,5 lt
Viscosity range 2 - 30 cst