Welder SPOT

Column spot welder with movable arms and built-in synchronous control by thyristors. It grants optimum results on different kinds of steel.

adjustment of spot welding current (from 20 to 100 %)
adjustment of spot welding time (from 1 to 100 cycles)
adjustment of electrode pressure * pedal control with adjustable spring
model requires water cooling for electrodes and arms (art. no. T802043)
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Article number Type Spot weld thickness Output current Max. no-load voltage Max. power Power consumption at 50% Weight Gross price
(excl. VAT)
For Unit Min. o.q. 
T824050 PTE 18 LCD 400V 3+3 mm 9700 A 2,6 V 22 kW 15 kW 115 kg
T824051 PTE 28 LCD 400V 5+5 mm 16400 A 4,2 V 60 kW 25 kW 147 kg