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Spot welding machine with electronic control of the spot welding time.
Suitable for spot welding of sheets with maximum thickness 1+1mm.

synchronous electronic timer with spot welding time adjustable from 0,1 sec. to 1,2 sec.
arms pressure adjustable from 40 kg to 120 kg (with arms L= 120 mm)
handgrip made out of thermic isolating material.
Spot welding machine, microprocessor controlled.
This device uses a control system based on fuzzy logic, making it easy to use and increasing the quality of spot welding.
Suitable for spot welding of sheets with a thickness of up to 2+2mm.

automatic regulation of spot welding current and welding time based on material thickness
choice between continuous and pulse welding (suitable for sheets with high yield strength - high stress)
arm pressure adjustable from 40 to 120 kg (for an arm with a length of 12 mm)
handle made of thermal insulation material
thermal protection.


Spot weld thickness 2 + 2 mm
Output current 6300 A
Max. no-load voltage 2,5 V
Max. power 13 kW
Power consumption at 50% 2,3 kW
Mains fuse 25 A
Duty cycle 1,5 %
Workpower 0,9 cos
Protection degree IP20
Mains voltage 230 1ph V
Dimensions l x b x h 440 x 100 x 185 mm
Weight 10,5 kg
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