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OM 150A

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OM 150A
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This Huvema vibratory finishing machine offers you good quality at a low price. The deburring machine removes sharp edges and provides a high end product.
When deburring, the surface of the parts to be treated is machined with relatively small pebbles (chips) containing an abrasive. Additionally, water and a cleaning agent (compound) are added to support the process of removing dirt and spawns and keeping the chips open and abrasive. Ideal for deburring or polishing large and small series of parts. Also used for the eradication of (metal) objects.

Working tips:
1. Load the grinding stones/chips about 50% full of the tank, the working piece/object is about 15% of grinding stones. (please note, not too full to avoid the working piece crushing with each other).
2. Add cleaning product and water in ratio 1:4 each hour.
3. Water exhaust switch keeps “on” to drain out the dirty water and silt to ensure good grinding effect.

TECO inverter with control panel
Square hole filter 20 mm.
Filled volume380 kg
Dimensions drum b x h1045 x 1035 mm
Dimensions l x b x h1190 x 1190 x 1310 mm
Engine power2,25 kW
Net weight460 kg
Voltage400 V
Grinding stone suggestion150 - 175kgs for working piece 22.5 – 25kgs
Cleaning product200cc & water 800cc each hour
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Artikelsoort K1.2 - Machines EU Ind.
Model OM 150A
EAN 8718242071109
CBS Statistics number 84659300
Brand Huvema
Article group 684665
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