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Tapping machines

Tapping machines

Our highly efficient tapping equipment allows you to tap quickly, easily and straight. Separate tapping units and taps available.Thanks to the construction, which ensures that the tapping head is always perfectly positioned in a horizontal or vertical position, thread can always be tapped lateral levelling into the workpiece.

Huvema offers both economically advantageous pneumatic tapping machines as well as comfortable, low-noise electric tapping machines.

The pneumatic tapping machines are user-friendly, failure-free and very suitable for occasional tapping.

The electric tapping machines are suitable for automatic tapping, are energy-efficient and require low-maintenance.

Tap inserts
The loose tap inserts are also available at Huvema. The tap inserts are available with a non-slip coupling, so that the tap stops turning when reaching the bottom of a hole. As a result, the risk of damage and tap breakage in, for example, expensive workpieces can be prevented. Visit for our extensive range of tap inserts .