Sand blasting machine

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Sandblasting machine, ideal for blasting small and medium-sized workpieces. This sandblasting machine is suitable for processing different materials. You can effortlessly debur, polish and sand blast objects. Often used for eg automotive and engine parts. Also suitabele for example for removing rust, matting, grit removal, paint stripping and paint removal of objects. A versatile machine for garage, industrial, workshop, restoration, agriculture and hobby. The sandblasting cabin is a simple device that everyone can work with. Ideal for beginners and professionals! Equipped with a practical foot-control and an extraction system for the removal of dust. The blasting cabinet can be used with the most common sandblasting products (grid) such as glass beads, aluminum oxide (corundum) and speed blast. Because of the large door at the front, workpieces are easy to install and remove. The dust collector, filters, nozzles and a ray gun are included. The blast cabinet is made of strong steel and high quality. Moreover the sand-blasting machine is provided with a scratch and impact resistant powder coating.
Furthermore, for a perfect use of this sand-blasting machine, you need a compressor with a sufficient yield. Which ensures that the air pressure, which is necessary to sand-blast, is present. We recommend a minimum air output of the compressor of 300 liters per minute. For example, a suitable compressor is model 21285 HU 400-820

Easy to operate and maintain
Stable blasting
Excellent sealing
Great visibility


Door size 610 x 630 mm
Total installation space l x b x h 860 x 860 x 1750 mm
Exhaust fan 3,7-5,6 kW
Room space 800 x 510 x 750 mm