Non-woven shop roll

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VBR 100 A 180
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Suitable for very fine grinding on small to large surfaces and contours, and for manually cleaning metal and painted surfaces. Achieve matt and satin-finished surfaces. Highly open structure.


Shape Others
Length 10 m
Width 100 mm
Grit size 180
Abrasive A
Advantage_01 Optimum adaptation to contours thanks to high flexibility.
Advantage_02 Areas that are difficult to reach.
Advantage_03 To be used for wet and dry grinding.
Drive_info_01 Manual use
Application_01 Cut to the desired size as required.
Material_info_01 aluminium
Material_info_02 cobalt base alloys
Material_info_03 nickel-based veneers (e.g. Inconell und Hasteloy)
Material_info_04 Bronze
Material_info_05 titanium
Materials_info_06 Titanium alloys
Material_info_07 buyer
Scope_info_01 Roughening
Scope_info_02 processing of surfaces
Scope_info_03 clean
Scope_info_04 step-by-step fine grinding