Hydraulic C-frame press

Hydraulic C-press with C-frame is used for the operation of stamping and drawing of metal for the production of various forms. Also suitable for processing non-metallic materials and products of the metal powder.
This machine is equipped with a lower and upper table with T-slot grooves and a two-speed motorized hydraulic unit. In addition, this machine is equipped with two piston conductors. This C-frame press is powered by electromagnetic valves, such as a non-return valve, an overpressure valve and a decompression valve for the cylinder. The anti-rotation cylinder is standard built-in. Thanks to the switches on the side of the machine, the cylinder stroke can be easily adjusted. This hydraulic C-frame press has an electrical control panel with a manual or automatic control switch and a switch for two different cylinder speeds.

Easy to operate
Steel construction welded frame
Ability to stop at any position
Relief valve for overload
Stroke, stepless adjustment
T-slot top and bottom table
Two guide piston both side
Safety barrier
Two hand control
K1.2 - Machines EU
Article number Type Pressure force Table dimensions Pressure max. Return speed Down feed Max. stroke Operating speed Oil tank Length b h Weight Gross price
(excl. VAT)
For Unit Min. o.q. 
23440 HU 30 HCP 300 kN 450 x 700 mm 244 bar 90 mm/sec 54 mm/sec 200 mm 18 mm/sec 150 lt 1680 mm 850 mm 2250 mm 2950 kg
23441 HU 60 HCP 600 kN 500 x 750 mm 236 bar 47 mm/sec 26 mm/sec 250 mm 8,5 mm/sec 200 lt 1820 mm 960 mm 2400 mm 4000 kg
23442 HU 100 HCP 1000 kN 600 x 1100 mm 263 bar 37 mm/sec 17,5 mm/sec 300 mm 5,5 mm/sec 300 lt 1850 mm 1400 mm 2650 mm 5400 kg
23443 HU 150 HCP 1500 kN 700 x 1100 mm 244 bar 22 mm/sec 10 mm/sec 300 mm 3,5 mm/sec 340 lt 2300 mm 1400 mm 2750 mm 7700 kg