POLIVLIES self-adhesive disc

POLIVLIES self-adhesive discs are suitable for grinding larger surfaces. The flexible system of POLIVLIES self-adhesive discs and POLIVLIES self-adhesive disc holders also allows them to be used on contours. The pre-punched holes allow them to be optimally centred on different backing pads.
Article number Type Diameter Grit size Max. RPM Opt. RPM of Abrasive Gross price
(excl. VAT)
For Unit Min. o.q. 
PF42871310 PVKR 115 A 180 M 115 mm 180 M 5300 rpm 3300 rpm A
PF42871410 PVKR 125 A 180 M 125 mm 180 M 4850 rpm 3000 rpm A