Chain saw file

Round files for manual sharpening of chainsaws with precise spiral head for extreme sharpness and particularly long service life. Sharpens teeth quickly and without scratches. Enables economical sharpening without thermal stress caused by friction, compared to mechanical sharpening.
Article number Type Shape Diameter Diameter [inch] Chain mark [inch] Hood Gross price
(excl. VAT)
For Unit Min. o.q. 
PF11018203 412 200 x 4,8 Classic Round 4.8 mm 3/16 .325 Classic Line
PF11022203 412 200 x 5,5 Classic Round 5.5 mm 7/32 3/8 , 404 Classic Line
PF11039203 412 200 x 4,8 Premium Round 4.8 mm 3/16 .325 Premium Line